The cutie mark crusaders:the surfing adventure is the first ever movie starring bryanna Drummond,Sophie fox,Katy perry,Michelle creber,lee timer,bill Cosby, and Hannah kesterson.


It takes place when Apple bloom,sweetie belle,and scoodaloo are waiting for Apple blooms cousin,babs seed. When babs came,Apple bloom was happy to see her again. Meanwhile, snips and snails go into a human-Fide mirror to go to a island. When the cutie mark crusaders see it happen, Hannah reminds them to be careful on there quest to go in the human-fide mirror. When they go in it, they go from filly to human. And they decide to go to the beach, so they go to the beach,but while surfing, babs seed falls in the water and the crusaders try to save her and they save her. After they do that, they have more fun underwater they see wales, and others. Sweetie belle and scoodaloo try to ride the animals. Then they swam to a island babs was wondering wear they wear and they see snips and snails and followed them to another mirror and it turned them into filles again.


I want u back by Victoria justice is played in the credits.